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Welcome to houseofcrums.com! This site is for our friends and family that want to keep up on news about our family and to know what is going on in our lives. Well, right now it is mainly to keep our family and friends informed about the newest addition that came into our family on December 15th. The site is still a work in progress so bear with me for now, but as time goes on it will hopefully be polished and refined.
This site has a handful of sections of various information and this page has brief descriptions about most of those areas. God Bless you all and we hope that you enjoy the site and visit often!

The Family Info page has information on both of our families....the Crum's and the Campbell's. There is not too much on the page right now, well actually it is still under construction, but as time goes on and I gather more family information, there will be more content. There will also be information about us individually, what we believe as a family, along with other things. Just think of it as a typical "About Us" page you would see on any web site.

The Extras tab is just a bunch of extra fun stuff. It has a little bit of everything like live news and sports feeds, Bible verse of the day, games, weather, etc. Look for this content to change on a regular basis.